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At TURN UP we want to sculpt our MIND into being more OPEN, having FUN, enjoying life with the power of DANCE and EXERCISE


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Tanci Spencer performing Turn up Dance Fitness in a pink-tinted room

Turn UpTM is coming to London from the USA!

Based on the Dance Fitness phenomenon created by Tanci Spencer  Turn UpTM is a combination of dance, cardio and strength training with a uniquely energetic and empowering atmosphere.

I offer dance workout classes in London for all levels and abilities so everyone can feel uplifted and energised .

Whether it's the latest music or old skool you'll be guaranteed a great work out.




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What is Turn UpTM?

Click on link above to see a video what Turn UpTM is about!

Turn UpTM is the fun of dance paired with strength and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to give you a workout that you have you dripping in sweat and swag


a group of people doing a stretch dance fitness move in a sunny dance studio

How is Turn UpTM different?

These dance routine workouts are more than a sweat sesh, they're an escape, and so much fun

Going to Turn UpTM dance workout classes in London is like dancing with your friends at home or the club!

The goal is to get out of your comfort zone, push your intensity, shake and transform not only your body but your life!



Come dance with us!

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What are our dance workout classes in London all about?

Dance fitness is a dynamic and energetic form of exercise that seamlessly combines rhythmic dance movements with fitness routines, providing a fun and effective way to enhance cardiovascular health, flexibility, and overall physical fitness with no equipment. Music is current lit R&B tracks with old skool classics, plus some special DJ made mixes


Get Fit

Turn Up is based around a powerful combination of dance moves and exercise that burn calories and tone you up


Make Friends

Turn Up with Martha is a community as it is a class. We aim to foster an inclusive and energetic atmosphere where any and all ages, bodies, genders and fitness levels are welcome and can be connected by a shared passion for dance.

Have Fun

We aim to make fitness an enjoyable and altogether empowering experience, which feels more like a night at the club with friends than a workout session. You'll be put through your paces, but have a smile on your face the whole time.






What classes are you interested in?


a group of ladies in a dance theatre partaking in a Turn Up Dance Fitness


Dance Workout Classes in London

My friendly  in-person sessions offer a unique blend of fun, support, encouragement and laughter.

I'll be a constant source of motivation, keeping the energy up and the workout intense.


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Online Dance Fitness Classes

*Coming soon*

Turn Up with Martha's live or prerecorded classes provide a convenient and accessible way for you to get in an intense yet engaging workout wherever you are allowing you to reap the benefits of Turn UpTM anywhere.

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Get ready to turn up the energy and come dance with us!

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a picture of Martha Nanasera - head of Turn Up with Martha



Hey, I'm Martha!

It's my privilege to be the first Turn Up Dance Fitness instructor in London.

Embodying the Turn Up values, my goal is for every session to be an inclusive and empowering space where everyone is welcome to make friends and have fun, all while experiencing the physical and mental health benefits of intense exercise.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know at



Dance Workout Classes in London

Some of the music in our playlist 


Ktlyn - Big Mad

Kelly Rowland - Like this

Latto - Put on the floor

Lizzo - Juice

Megan thee Stallion - Hiss






Where can you find Turn Up with Martha?

I will be running dance workout classes in London, location details coming soon!

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